ODL Kingdom

Deodorant liquid from Japan, removing airborne germs, formaldehyde, and a range of inorganic smell (such as body and rotten food smell). Now available in household packages.

Saves You from Embarrassing Moments

Avoid your shoe smell be a nuisance to others.

Removes Furniture Formaldehyde & VOCs

Brought a new furniture for your kids? Protect them with our ODL Kingdom liquid in DIY spray package.

Neutralizes Pets Smell

ODL Kingdom likely be the only pets deodorant in market with skin test, making sure no harm to animal skin.

Removes Smells in Car

Be they smells from food, drunk, throw, body or plastic odor from car parts

ODL is a Catalyst

A catalyst does not consume itself to induce decomposition of air pollutants. So ODL Kingdom can last forever until you wipe if off surface. While plant-base deodorant oxidizes itself to neutralize pollutants, limiting their effect lasts only few days.
Patented Technologies

Patented Technologies

US4670288A Chemically-active Composition Containing Divalent Iron Ions, and US5703152A Deodorizing Composition and Deodorizing Resin Composition Containing Iron (II) Compound

The patented liquid is also known in Japanese patents JP-A-60-145143 and JP-A-21l240.

Excellent Packaging

Excellent Packaging

The liquid is manufactured in Japan, then packaged in a cosmetic-grade manufacturing facility, on Japanese quality assurance system.

Our products have a shelf-life of 5 years, because of our adoption of higher grade of packing materials and method.

Safe for Home Use

Safe for Home Use

The liquid has been tested in Japan confirming suitable for use in household environment, causing no irritating effect when in touch with animal skins, and no toxication even if it is accidentally swallowed.

It is safe to spray on baby’s mattress, kid’s furniture, elderly’s room, pet’s toys, and be used by pregnant women.

Air Catalyst not Photocatalyst

Air Catalyst

Our technologies make this catalyst liquid work in darkness, needing no any visible light nor ultraviolet.

As a result coating formed by this liquid spray works inside and backside of your cabinets, non-stop in both days and nights, decomposing bad smells and other gaseous pollutants around the clock.

Air catalyst works forever until you wipe it off surface, and it works better than photocatalyst because it needs no light to activate.

ODL Kingdom HCHO Decay EFNICA Efficient Air Purification

Efficient Cleaning

We have benched mark with peer products and confirmed our liquid works fast and efficient.

For post-construction air cleaning, reduction of formaldehyde is within an hour. Because formaldehyde is soluble in water and ODL Kingdom is a water-based spray. The key difference versus using water is the fact that formaldehyde is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water molecules when coming in touch with ODL, not just dissolving in it.

Niche Applications

Niche Applications

Minor adjustments are made for niche applications for highest performance: households, pets, shoes, and cars.

WOOFAA is indeed authorized to further promote this multi-functional Divalent Iron technology not limited to air purification, but as flame-retarding agent, vegetable freshness-preserving agent, and plant growth promoting agent. We can provide both aqueous solution and powder form material for the manufacturing of plastic film, wall paper, air filtration substrates and as such.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does it work?
It removes inorganic smells (eg. Hydrogen sulfide and Ammonia) almost instantly. For petrochemical type of organic odor, like those from glues, paints, and solvent, it may take hours to days to make obvious result. The speed has been in the fast class comparing to other catalytic spray coating.
Is the coating be scratched out easily?
Let the spray coating be solidified in 48-hour, it then forms a film on surface of 8H hardness.
How often do I need to spray the liquid?

Theoretically the catalytic costing works forever, subjected to two conditions:

  • Our nano-size molecules are not covered by dust.
  • The costing film is not wiped off from surface.

As normal dusting and cleaning are inevitable, we suggest yearly application of new spray coating.

Can I spray the liquid multiple times on the same surface?
You can spray multiple times. Just making sure the prior spray has been dried up. Otherwise you are making the surface too wet leading to dripping. Dripping should be avoided as it deteriorate the liquid’s decomposition performance.
Is the coating hydrophilic or hydrophobic?
It is hydrophilic. Therefore the film also has some dirt-resisting effect, good to be sprayed on ceiling and wall.
Do you support white label service?
Yes we do. We are branding the patented liquid as ODL Kingdom being a household grade commodity product mix in Greater China region. You may apply your own brand for other niche markets. We can supply you the liquid in one-ton bucket size or we can retail pack for your brand too.
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For Homes

Two package sizes are available: 280 ml or 1000 ml (be used with spraying machine).

For Pets

Available in 280 ml size in metal can for longer preservation time.

For Shoes

Available in 70 ml size in metal can for longer preservation time.

For Cars

Available in 135 ml size in metal can for longer preservation time.