Outdoors‧Cooling Down‧Water Mist Machine

Let children enjoy the safe and cool mist.

Let children enjoy the safe and cool mist.

Many parents will go outdoor with their children. Their safety is the most important. Our machine built in water filters and ultraviolet light disinfection. Mist spurt is cool and safe. Whether you are adults or children, you can enjoy.

In the sport venues

In the sport venues

Whether you are an athlete or spectators, when you see the strong wind and cool mist, you can feel the coolness.

Applicable for outdoor restaurant.

Applicable for outdoor restaurant.

Many people are unwilling to have meal in outdoor under the hot weather. Installed the water mist machine. it can reduce 3-8 degrees ambient temperature. So that, diners can dine in a cool and comfortable environment.
Can advertise on the body

Can advertise on the body

Not only enjoy the cool mist, but also conduct promotion.

Misting cooling products


Designed for outdoor restaurant, outdoor bar, barbecue area, private gardens, estates and other places.

「Samba Stand」Movable Water Mist Machine MST-M Series


  • Built-in UV germicidal lamp. Water mist should disinfect before discharge. Clean and safe.
  • Mist particle diameter is between 10-30 microns, based on 10-15 microns.
  • Unique serial number for each machine. Easy for maintenance.
  • Can advertise on the body.


  • Novel design, conical-shaped base;
  • Lower base include water tank, body and wheels. Simple and enhance efficiency;
  • Upper base and lower base manage power box and water tank respectively. Increase stability and reduce safety hazards;
  • Let each scene give you visual enjoyment and cool feeling.


  • Generate and diffuse mist particles by centrifugal forces;
  • Using industrial fan. Larger air and mist volume;
  • Can automatic or manual water flow in.

「Samba Wall」Wall Mount Water Mist Machine MST-W Series


  • Overall tiny and flexible. L-shaped for wall-mount.
  • The top of the vertical tube set a fixed block.
  • Well storage of power cables and water pipes. Avoid wear and tear when exposed to air.
  • Easy for pipeline maintenance and repair.


  • Low power consumption (320W);
  • Can hide power cable and water pipes;
  • Can use directly when connected to the water pipes.

「Samba Wind」Wall Mount Waterproof fan FAN-Series


  • Larger blades, larger air volume;
  • Outdoor waterproof rating IP44.

Product Principle

  • Double flow mist. Soft wind mixed with 10-30 microns mist decreased around temperature 3-8°C. Increased air humidity and reduced dust. Thus, it can improve comfortability.
  • User-friendly design. Using independent control system and warning protection, separate the water tank and power box which reduce security concerns.
  • Simple and stylish. Unique and scientific sense.

Product Feature

  • Safety: Waterproof designed with IP54 grade standard. Included electric leakage protection device. Using high quality ABS plastic shell: anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-UV. Whatever sunny or rainy, it can be used safely in outdoor.
  • Convenience: Contain water level sensor, automatic water control. Universal metal casters, durable and reliable.
  • Performance: Large mist and air volume, cooling a wide area effectively.
  • Sterilization: Built-in UV germicidal lamp. Water mist should be disinfected before ejected. Clean and safe.

Centrifugal type

Water injected to the centrifugal disk through the disperser. Mist particles continuously diffused and refined under the centrifugal force. Finally, mist particles collect by the cone disk and spread to the effective area through the air system. The mist particles’ diameter is between 10-30 microns.


Unique V-shaped multilayer structural design. Increased water dispersion area with the same water flow.

Pressure type

Filtrated water pass through the pipe and change into mist by high pressure water pump. Then, water mist diffuse to effective area through the air supply system. Depending on the size of nozzle, the range of the diameter of mist particles is 10-30 micron.


One advantage of the system is that the nozzles are hidden in the decoration which improve aesthetics and reduce security risks.

Another highlight is that diagonal flow fan structure is used. Wind and mist have the best combination.

Built-in UV-light. Sterilized before ejected. Clean and safe.

Unique serial number. Easy for maintenance.

Long-term production. Stable quality.

Upper and lower split-packaging.

Job Reference

Spain Barcelona Camp Nou

Australian rugby stadium

2013 Avantha Golf Masters

Hong Kong Jockey Club Club House

Hong Kong Football Club Restaurant

Overseas Chinese City Hua Club

Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

Hengdian World Studios Dreamlike Valley

Changlong Water Park



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