7-in-1 Portable Air Quality Monitor & Data Logger

Indispensable Tool for Air Quality Management Professionals

Checking on several air quality parameters in one palm-size machine, with rechargeable battery and SD card for data logging and 12-hour averages:

  1. Respirable Particulate Matters PM2.5
  2. Suspended Particulate Matters PM10
  3. Formaldehyde (HCHO)
  4. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  5. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  6. Air temperature
  7. Relative Humidity
WOOFAA Dog onsite spot check indoor air quality

For On-site Spot Check

One simple gadget does it all, saving you hassles of carrying multiple instruments in one big bag.

WOOFAA Dog gas emission quick test on materials

Quick Gas Emission Test

Making quick screening on materials for key pollutant suspects.

WOOFAA Dog as a Corporate Audit Tool for OSHA and Customer Satisfaction Policies

Corporate Audit Tool

For the compliance of OSHA and Customer Satisfaction policies.

Lots of Fun for Amateur Casual Use

A gadget easy enough for ordinary people, not limited to professionals. Don’t miss the fun and facts you have never experienced before.

Left photo: typical bad air qualities in car despite air-conditioner had been working on its best

Right photos: getting much cleaner air by simply turning-off the “recycle” mode in air conditioner

Catch: the air “recycle” mode is made to save you energy (ie. $$) in conditioning incoming outside air.

Magic: use WOOFAA Dog to assure yourself putting on the ventilation mode only when necessary.

WOOFAA Dog air quality monitoring in car


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