Cloud-based Air Quality Monitoring System

Show Off Your Competence Towards Sustainability

WOOFAA Air is a wireless indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system with internet-of-things (IoT) functionality. It contains a sensor edge device as WOOFAA Dog.

6 Reasons Why You Need WOOFAA Air


Although your local OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may not have IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) standards yet, still typically OSHA does have standards about ventilation and standards on some of the air contaminants that can be involved in IAQ problems.


EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) management is not limited to legal compliance, but also to:

  • identifying workplace hazards; and
  • complying with environmental regulations, managing air emissions to reduce company’s carbon footprint.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is commonly a pillar of corporate structure. It often be the core power to create initiatives reducing environmental impact.

Typically it includes online air quality monitoring stations be installed across all units in corporation.


Locale Compliance

In February 2012, China released a new ambient air quality standard, GB 3095-2012, which sets limits for the first time on PM2.5 on yearly and daily averages. Can you ever tell what is your PM2.5 level in your organization?

Smart City

Getting accurate, up-to-date information about air quality for public health research can make a difference for people living with lung conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Corporate Competence

Your organization will be respected if voluntarily setup a public signage showing IAQ in your managed premises. You empower people’s right to know, add value to your real estate, & visualize your competence of offering healthy indoor air.

Jump on the Bandwagon

HKT, one of the largest telecommunication operators in Hong Kong, has adopted WOOFAA Air as one of their IoT solutions to corporate clients.

DELL, one of the largest computing hardware manufacturers in the world, has adopted WOOFAA Air to demostrate how their Intel-based IoT Gateway can be deployed to form a IoT network, adding value to business in general.

Besides using WOOFAA Air for public signange, it can be used for facility management as well. We have made standard software modules for multi-site, multi-user and sophisticated alert management functions, making WOOFAA Air an excellent tool for preventive crisis management in public organizations.

WOOFAA Air comes with a simple and intuitive user interface for fastest project deployment, making it an afforable system to every organization big or small.

The WOOFAA Team is well versed in big data analytics. Therefore we are very  supportive for bespoke need of infographic visualization, creating static or dynamic charts and environmental heatmaps on project basis.

New World Development, one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong, has deployed WOOFAA Air in its headquarters building the New World Tower. Real-time IAQ measures are shown in public areas as a value-added service, telling building occupants to feel safe staying longer.

WOOFAA Air’s user interface on signage can be custom-made to fit your need, such as this Daikin shop who needs to illustrate functionality of their dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) embebbed with a heat exchanger, working in reverse mode over Summer and Winter seasons.

Use of WOOFAA Air is not limited to MNC or public companies. It is made to be a simple and afforable system to any organizations who care to know what they breathe at work.

Daikin, one of the largest air conditioning equipment manufacturers in the world, is using WOOFAA Air in some of their pro shops to visualize how capable their equipment are to protect people in indoor from outdoor air pollution.


Built to Perform

The system comprises four key components:


An air quality monitoring device on multiple air pollutant types.

WOOFAA Air is scaleable from one Dog, to a couple hundreds within a network.

As the Dog runs on wireless Zigbee not much electrican work is requuired. Your network can be expanded in phases.

WOOFAA Smart Cloud Server

Zigbee IoT Gateway

A Linux machine with custom-made middleware managing data flow from our Zigbee air sensor mesh to cloud server.

Readily-made ports for:

  • Raspberry Pi for small systems;
  • Arrow DragonBoard for tens of edge devices; and
  • DELL for hundreds of nodes.

User Interface

Standard or bespoke to your project.

We are using HTML5 technology which allows better fluid animations, stream video, play audio, create high-quality drawings, charts, and embed Social Network sites like Facebook and Twitter into the interface.

WOOFAA Smart Cloud Server

Cloud Server

For sensor data hosting and system data management.

To develop new services for smarter environments, data gathered need to be stored, processed and correlated to different pieces of information.

This is how you get long-term value of WOOFAA Air.


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