Wireless Air Quality Monitoring & Control Systems

Smart DCV

On-demand control of ventilation and lighting, by on-going monitoring of air pollutant level, in accordance to ASHRAE standard Chapter 62.1. It ensures room air is clean and healthy whenever there is an occupancy. We enrich the act further by reducing lighting level when no or low occupancy is found in pre-defined manner.

The system can also capture free-cooling opportunities cutting your energy bill from autumn/winter morning clean and dry outdoor air (aka enthalpy control).

Good for indoor air quality control for wellness in public toilet, classroom, office, workshop and church hall where centralized air-con system is not facilitated.

Smart Humidity Control

To reduce or to increase humidity level smartly as needed.

We reduce room moisture content when there is a need to avoid mold-growth in warehouse and any residence by a permanent water body.

On the other hand we can smartly and automatically inject fine water mist into air for greenhouse, theme park queuing zone or construction site boundary, as a way to reduce airborne dust, and to cool outdoor air for 5~10 °C without wetting the space too much.

Smart Air Sterilization

Air sterilization and deodorization in public toilet, food factory, nursery school and refuse room. We use hybrid tech products combining both cold plasma and electrostatic precipitator to cover all three types of air pollutants: physical, chemical and biological.

We supply both standalone equipment and components in HVAC system.

As we are focusing on household and commercial grade deployment with matching products and parts, it is our intent not to take on industrial grade projects. After all deodorizing a school toilet is very different act to remove smells from a sewage plant. Feel free to contact us to clarify if in doubt.

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