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Instead of using machines to purify air you may consider using other coating materials for passive air cleaning.

You can buy air scenting materials and filter replacements here too.

Reduce Odor in Busy Urinal

Challenge in getting an odorless urinal is on the splash of droplets. When these tiny droplets flew to gaps where flush water cannot reach, they become permanent sites of bad smell.

VectAir V-Screen® Urinal Screen is designed by British engineers to overcome this challenge, and is proven to more efficient in removing bad odor than other screeners.

Charcoal Odor Absorbent

If you prefer using natural materials to remove odors, activated carbon granules, or just call them charcoal pellets, work for you.

They indeed work 1000+ times more efficient than dry tea leaves or diatomite. Additional benefit is that charcoal can be “reactivated” under direct sunlight for half an hour.

They can be recycle unlimited number of times until their pores are blocked by fine dust.

Remove Formaldehyde DIY

Your new wardrobe or desk come with some burning sensations in the eye, nose and throat and skin rashes? Likely that is residual formaldehyde in the furnitures.

You better clean it asap. Apply this simple spray coating material can help resolve this carcinogen and other gaseous pollutants easily.

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