WOOFAA Smart Air Sterilizer

Ceiling-mounted Electrostatic Air Purifier with Smart IoT Control

Kills Bacteria and Virus

Our electrostatic chamber not only kills virus and bacteria, it can also remove toilet smell and VOCs.

Mounting our Air Sterilizer in indoor common area can reduce risk of cross-infection, as well as foul smells associated bad mood.

The electrostatic air appliance can also release anion clusters and induce pleasant sentiments in inhabitants.

On-demand Smart Control

  • Switch-on appliance only when there is an occupancy or pollution
  • Switch to full power only when there is a full house of occupancy or high level of pollution

Levels of occupancy and air pollution are detected by a wireless air quality monitor, the WOOFAA Dog.

Air quality figures are accessible from both WOOFAA Dog and a mobile APP. Control logic is configured in APP.

One IAQ Monitor to Control Two Air Appliances

WOOFAA Dog can measure up to 7 different air parameters: PM2.5, PM10 (fine dusts). formaldehyde and VOCs (petrochemical gases), carbon dioxide, air termpature and air humidity.

We use CO2 and PM2.5 (fine dust) levels to control when to switch the air sterilizer and/or any existing mechanical fan in pre-defined logics.