Industrial Grade Air Sterilization

We recently are getting requests for quote on industrial grade air sterilizers, specifically for face mask production projects

HVAC System

Our team was formally trained as engineers for design, installation and servicing of centralized air-conditioning systems. So adding an air sterilization function is an easy task for us.

Simply speaking, we need to decide the function be installed inside the AHU (air handling unit), or as an insertion module in air duct, or standalone.

Air Sterilization Tech

There are few ways to kill germs effectively. In contrary to many people’s believe, HEPA filter is least good. Bacteria is of size around 1 um, and virus below 100 nm. HEPA filter may capture some of them, but is not killing them.

To kill germs we better use active filters. We recommend using Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), coupling with ultraviolet tubes (UVGI) and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). Killing 99.9% germs in high air flow rate is not a difficult task in properly design system.

PS: HVAC is a trade jargon coming from the phrase Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning. UVGI stands for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, which is typically referred as a deployment of UV-C type of lamp tubes.

PPS: A research reference on UVGI inactivation effect on few kinds of virus


Supply Side Stuck

However we do not have conventional design freedom during this 2019 novel coronavirus disease epidemic in China and across the world. It is because the factories are mostly closed for custom-made HVAC components.

So whatever we may design for a project, no one can tell you when the products can be made nor be delivered.

Image below: Working principle of ESP

Slider below Image: ESP in site working as air sterilizer | Components inside our ESP machine | The ESP mounted in our office as fresh air pre-treated sterilizer

What's in Kitchen

Luckily we have a stock of readily-made standalone type air sterilizer. It is designed for ceiling-mounted. But some may want to do it wall-mounted if the space headroom is too high from the targeted sterilzation zone.

Image below: A site test result using lab-grade 3M Clean-Trace ATP tester. Surface test samples were collected from inlet and outlet grills of one of the AHC-800DX air sterilizer respectively.