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Billing (3)

Can I pay with a currency other than USD?

If you want reports over other time span, like twice-weekly or every-ten days, or want payment in other currency, contact us to invoice you specifically. For now we only support currency of USD, AUD, GBP, EURO and HKD.

If you will be paying in HKD, we support offline payment method of bank-in. You can email us a snapshot of bank-in receipt to confirm payment to us.


I made a payment then my computer broke!

If you made a payment the second before your computer broke or the electricity blown, it means you were unable to enter any order instruction to us. No worry, here is the rescue.

  • You should have a payment receipt from Paypal. Forward that to us < > together with your Facebook Page URL and report starting date.
  • If you can’t find any payment receipt in your mail box, you can login your Paypal account and get a transaction ID on the subscription. Email us the payment ID will do the same magic as in above (together with your Facebook Page URL and report starting date).
  • If none of the above is happening, likely your did not make the subscription at all. Your boss won’t kill you for that and the sky won’t be falling. Simply start over from the ordering page will do.


What are the payment methods?

At Woofaa we are making every business process easier and simpler so to make admin cost minimal benefiting both you and ourselves.

Therefore we accept Paypal payment as the prime payment method. Because the entire payment process happens only, and it handle recurring subscription payment automatically.

Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards if you don’t already have an account established.

Creating a Paypal account is free and easy. Once established you can transfer fund from your banking account if you do not has a card for payment.

Only if you are an establishment in Hong Kong we will accept an offline bank-in payment for your convenience. But for that an extra admin fee of HK$100 will be charged.


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General (1)

How quick you can deliver a report?

We can produce a report pretty fast, count it in terms of minutes for any established page.

So the magic word is on “established”. It takes us some time to establish a new Page on our tracking machine. More accurate the Page details you give us, faster we can accomplish the job.

On the other hand, bear in mind that we are an operation based in Hong Kong, which is located in time zone GMT+8. Our office hours are quite different from many of our visitors and clients. We work a five-day week. There are chances that you order comes over to us in end of our Friday….

So officially we state our shortest reporting time is TWO working days from the time your made a payment. But don’t be surprised if we turn-around faster than that.


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Subscription (5)

Why do you prefer me to state which week in a month to get a report, instead of which day?

Monday overloadedYes we prefer people to instruct us to send a report in the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/last week of  a month, instead of the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/last Friday of a month. To say it with an IT jargon, it is all about “load balancing”.

Believe it or not, when we first not to encourage people to specify delivery WEEK instead of DAY, over 50% of client demand it on Monday, and very few on Friday. You can imagine that we were overloaded on Monday very soon in contrast to Friday.

So to strive for a balanced life for our staff, we encourage all our client to give us the flexibility in picking which day of a week to deliver a report.


Can I change Page in middle of a subscription?

We have a set of setup work for each new page tracking. So if you want to change page in middle of a subscription, we will need to carry a manual process for the change. So we shall charge US$20 admin fee on each change request.


Can you resend me download link of some of my old reports?

For each order, we create you an account on our ticket system. One of your tickets will be dedicated for reports of a subscription.

All reports created for this subscription are loaded and archived on that ticket. You will be informed on each new report made ready, and can re-downloaded unlimited number of time for the previous reports.


I want to cancel my subscription

If you wish to cancel the subscription at any point of time, you can do so by logging into your Paypal account. Paypal will inform us your cancellation accordingly. So it is quite a simple process.

However Paypal does not facilitate a refund mechanism for the balance from a cancellation. So we will simply continue creating your reports till the end of your paid subscription.

If you cancel a subscription and then resume it later for the same Facebook Page, we do not guarantee that any of your previous reports will still be available. Because our system does routine house keep cleaning on inactive account to keep our hosting cost lower.

Therefore we suggest you to download all your reports in prior to cancelling a subscription. Or not to cancel it at all as it is not costing you much.


How to renew my subscriptions?

In the end of each subscription, Paypal will automatically renew it.

Say if you have 20 subscriptions with us on 20 different Facebook Pages, Paypal will renew each of them independently as per their expiry date.

The system will deduce the same amount of fund from your account balance or registered credit card. Through out the process you will need not to give us any of your card details.

If you wish to cancel some of the subscriptions as you no longer need to track those pages, read this FAQ thread on cancellation.


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