Replacement Filter for White Knight Air Purifier HCV999


Replacement filter for air purifier White Knight. Composite type filter panel with HEPA and activated carbon granular layers.

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PM2.5 value and bacteria amount of office or home will change due to indoor air quality. If the indoor ventilation is not good, it will breed a lot of bacteria and allergens which becomes an important factor of the health of families and colleagues. White Knight HCV999 air purifiers not only remove PM2.5 effectively, but also remove indoor allergens and harmful bacteria. Create a favorable breathing environment for offices and home.
  • Photocatalytic nano-purification technology, the nano-coating and special UV lamp, has a strong bactericidal function, superior to conventional purification techniques.
  • All direction air intake, composite filter in front and back,great product design
  • Highlighted Details. Creative and deluxe panel.
  • Mirror effect by light injection molding and acrylic decoration.
  • Concealed spring-back handle. Reinforced magnetic cover lid.

High comparable value “White Knight” (HCV999),like her, took her and go!

Product Specifications:

  • CADR: 480 m³/h
  • Anion concentration: > 3 million/cm³
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 410 x 244 x 680 mm
  • Rated power: 72 ± 8 W
  • Application area: 50~100 m²
  • PM2.5 removal efficiency: 99.75%
  • Odor removal efficiency:
    • Formaldehyde: 97.00%
    • Benzene: 94.40%
    • TVOC: 95.60%
Replacement Filter for White Knight Air Purifier HCV999
Nano photocatalyst air purifier: bilateral HEPA filters, ultraviolet light disinfection, nano photocatalyst, activated carbon zeolite composite filter; Professional 99%+ remove formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds, double detector.

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