Professional PM2.5 Finder Handheld PM/TVOC Monitor Rental

Business grade monitoring

Business grade monitoring

For selling furniture and indoor soft decoration, you can have on-site measurement to your customer for which your products are clean and environmental friendly if you have this monitor.


Applicable users: interior designers, interior soft decoration suppliers, professional cleaning service providers, individuals concerned about air quality.

Online purchase only HK$2,380 each
HCHO TVOC PM2.5 PM10 monitor, really multi-purpose in one machine

Really multi-purpose in one machine

Including formaldehyde, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, temperature and humidity, six real-time data monitoring but still easy to manipulate.


Compared to other brands, only single parameter PM2.5 or formaldehyde is detected. Our monitor have a great cost-value ratio.

Only HK$360 for two weeks rental service (Additional deposit)

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