Our city is heavily polluted

Our city is heavily polluted

You need to do something to protect yourself and your family.
Do you think that it can help if you stay indoors?

Stay in indoor may not help

Most people spend 80% of their time indoors. However, few people realize that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoors.
What causes pollution?

What are the pollutants?

Dust, pollen, formaldehyde (HCHO), VOC and bacteria are the most common indoor pollutants.
Woofaa air purifier rental service

Air purifier rental service

Satisfy short-term or long-term needs of business and home users.

About Us

WOOFAA provides specialist indoor air quality management solutions and products for household, educational, communal and commercial applications. We are well-versed in latest air purification, smart building, and Internet-of-Things technologies, giving you an effective and energy efficient solution to any of your indoor air quality problem.


WELL Accredit Professional Hong Kong

Our team graduated from the Hong Kong Science Park Incubation program in 2015, and be a health building accredited professional of the WELL Building Standard from the US Green Building Council. Contact us today to get yourself and your family a better breathing environment.

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WELL Building Standard

WELL Building Standard Air Features Matrix

Air purifier rental service

Purify three kinds of pollutant

Normal air purifier only remove physical particles, ignoring TVOC as gaseous chemical contaminants. Besides, bacteria remain on the filter can multiply, causing secondary pollution. Moreover, virus are species smaller than PM0.01. Normal filters cannot eliminate virus. Our air purification technology, not only contain physical filtration, but more specifically handle the gaseous pollutants.

Satisfy your needs

We use different air purification method to remove TVOC, suitable for the customer’s needs. If pollen is your biggest worry, we will choose the most efficient machine to solve your problem.

We are experts in indoor air purification.

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WOOFAA the IAQ Specialist

WOOFAA the IAQ Specialist

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