Cities are heavily polluted

Our bodies are not made to encounter such heavy pollution. We need to do something.

You think it helps staying indoor?

You think it helps staying indoor?

Most people spend 80% of their life time indoor. Few of them realize the indoor air quality can be as bad, or worst than outdoor.

Sources of indoor air pollutants are multiple




What hurts?

What hurts?

Dust, pollen, formaldehyde (HCHO), VOC, and bacteria are the most common indoor pollutants.

We can help

We can help

Air purifier rental service, fitting your temporarily needs such as:

  • Post-retrofit HCHO/dust removal
  • Moving-in of previously unoccupied space
  • Cigar tasting event
  • Ad-hoc over-populated event
  • Patient-care at home
Each cleans 500-1,000 square feet floor area

Air Purifier HCV999

Germicidal Air Purifier

Germicidal Air Purifier JTAP
For those most vulnerable to germ attack:

  • Patient
  • Elderly
  • Pregnancy
  • Preschool kid
  • New-born baby
Each cleans 1,000-2,000 square feet floor area

High Power Air Purifier FFU

Air Purifier Rental Service

Three Types of Purification

Air filters remover mostly particulates mechanically, ignoring the fact that TVOC is gaseous pollutant. Bacteria can still multiply even stuck on a filter, let alone the fact that virus are very small live species of size smaller than PM0.01.

We do air purification, addressing specifically those three types of air pollutants, instead of just air filtering.

Fits Your Need

We use different air purification methods for patient care and TVOC removal. If that is pollen be your key trouble maker, we will select you a machine most efficient for that purpose.

We are the indoor air purification experts.

Less than HK$33 per day

You may need air purification service for only a week, or for months. We serve you well.

Free Gift

Portable HCHO TVOC Meter


Get a handheld type Formaldehyde & TVOC Detector for free, for every order over $6,500. Time-limited offer.

Type of Particulates be Removed

Number of Gaseous Pollutants be Adsorpted

Number of Airborne Germs be Killed

Volume of Space (Cubic Meter) We Cleaned